Founded in 1983, Cafferty Commercial Real Estate Services/Cafferty, has successfully developed over 3 million square feet of office, industrial and retail developments in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions. We distinguished our portfolio early in the company’s history by successfully competing for build-to-suit projects for Fortune 500 and US Government Agencies. Developments ranged from manufacturing facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for General Electric Company to the SEC’s EDGAR Data Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Our emphasis was on superior building quality and tight rental rate pricing ensuring long-term relationships with Investment Grade Tenants such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission, who occupied three Cafferty buildings for 24 years, Lockheed Martin in two Cafferty buildings, Oberthur Technologies with their US Headquarters in a Cafferty building for 25+ years and numerous other repeat Fortune 500 Tenant relationships evidencing our commitment to quality and superior Tenant service since 1983.




The mission of Cafferty Commercial Real Estate Services is to be a superior owner of commercial real estate. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and a continuous focus on our Tenant's best interest. This commitment to excellence allows us to ensure that each project's delivery commitments are accomplished ahead of schedule and under budget.

Cafferty, since its inception, has provided in-house Property Management Services to ensure responsive resolution of any Tenant need. The Sundown Rule is adhered to and is defined as resolving a Tenant’s facility issue by the close of business/Sundown or implementing a plan of action to satisfy that Tenant’s facility need.

Cafferty, through its construction subsidiary, Cafferty Construction Services, Inc. formed in 1999, provides in-house Tenant Improvement construction using an experienced Team of Subcontractors averaging 15 years of performance on the timely completion of Cafferty’s Tenant Improvement projects. This distinguishes our company as a real estate Owner dedicated to exceeding our commitments to our Tenants starting with the design, Permit and Tenant Improvement process critical to establishing a reputation of performance with our Tenants that contributes to our long-term Tenant relationships. Dating back to our inception in 1983 we have never missed a promised delivery date to a Tenant, whether it be a complex Data Center build-to-suit or a straight forward office Tenant Improvement project. We direct every aspect of the Tenant Improvement process through hands-on, local expertise, to ensure the commencement of our Tenant relationship is established based on our Team’s performance.

Cafferty is an investment real estate Owner with its ownership concentrated 100% in the firm’s Founder, Thomas D. Cafferty, whose mission is to retain assets long-term. This is why we constantly upgrade our properties, focus on the retention of our Tenants and have rapidly reduced debt in our Portfolio to ensure our mission of long-term ownership is maintained which provides the Tenant(s) with a consistent point-of-contact and service provider.